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Jan Erk

Institute of Political Science
University of Leiden
  • 2018 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

The proposed research project is a study of the recent resurgence of traditional authorities in southern Africa. In particular, it examines the time-period since the large-scale territorial decentralisation...

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Journal Article

Erk, Jan. 2018. Will the North’s secessionist winds blow South? The past, present, and future of self-determination and border change in Africa. South African Journal of International Affairs, 25(2), 153–176.

Book/Book Chapter

Erk, Jan. 2018. Comparative territorial politics in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Handbook of Territorial Politics (pp. 354–370). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Book/Book Chapter

Erk, Jan. 2018. Why Multi-Ethnic Belgium’s Constitutional Court Keeps Mum: The Constitutionalization of Ethnicity, Judicial Review, and “Passive Virtues.” In Constitutional Studies 3rd ed., pp. 101–128.

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