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Joe Oloka-Onyango

Makerere University
  • 2015 First Semester

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Recent political and judicial battles over the rights of sexual minorities in East Africa have witnessed the introduction of new constricting legislation, judicial interventions and civil society action...

Related publications

Journal Article

Oloka-Onyango, Joe. 2015. Debating love, human rights and identity politics in East Africa: The case of Uganda and Kenya. African Human Rights Law Journal, 15(1), 28–57.

Book/Book Chapter

Oloka-Onyango, Joe. 2015. Battling over Human Rights: Twenty Essays on Law, Politics and Governance. Bamenda: Langaa RPCIG.

Journal Article

Oloka-Onyango, Joe. 2016. Using Courts of Law to Tackle Poverty and Social Exclusion: The Case of Post-2010 Kenya. Law, Democracy & Development 19(1):193-210.

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