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Lydia Olaka

Department of Geology
University of Nairobi
Young Scholar:
  • 2018 First Semester

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Over 45 % of people in Africa do not have access to clean drinking water. This number will increase in the next years due to rapid population growth, rising middle class and hence affluence and climate...

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Journal Article

Olando, Grace, Lydia A. Olaka, Philip O. Okinda and Paul Abuom. 2020. Heavy metals in surface sediments of Lake Naivasha, Kenya: spatial distribution, source identification and ecological risk assessment. SN Applied Sciences, 2(2), 279.

Journal Article

Olaka, Lydia A., Joseph O. Ogutu, Mohammed Y. Said and Christopher Oludhe. 2019. Projected Climatic and Hydrologic Changes to Lake Victoria Basin Rivers under Three RCP Emission Scenarios for 2015–2100 and Impacts on the Water Sector. Water, 11(7), 1449.

Journal Article

Muhati, Godwin Leslie, Daniel Olago and Lydia Olaka. 2018. Past and projected rainfall and temperature trends in a sub-humid Montane Forest in Northern Kenya based on the CMIP5 model ensemble. Global Ecology and Conservation, 16, e00469.

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