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Michael Jennions

Research School of Biology
The Australian National University
  • 2023 Second Semester

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Evolutionary ecology theory applies principles of biological evolution to explain variation in how living creatures appear and behave. For example, how many sons versus daughter should a mother produce?...

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Journal Article

Premate, Ester, Žiga Fišer, AnnaBiró, Denis Copilaş-Ciocianu, Lutz Fromhage, Michael Jennions, Špela Borko, Gábor Herczeg, Gergely Balázs, Simona Kralj-Fišer and Cene Fišer. 2024. Sexual dimorphism in subterranean amphipod crustaceans covaries with subterranean habitat type. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Journal Article

Crino, Ondi L., Megan L. Head, Michael D. Jennions and Daniel W.A. Noble. 2024. Mitochondrial function and sexual selection: can physiology resolve the ‘lek paradox’? Journal of Experimental Biology, 227(2).


Journal Article

Chung, Meng-Han Joseph, Megan L Head, Rebecca J. Fox and Michael D Jennions. 2024. Effects of past mating behavior versus past ejaculation on male mate choice and male attractiveness. Behavioral Ecology, 35(2), 1–17.


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