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Nicole Sampson

Dept of Chemistry
Stony Brook University
  • 2017 Second Semester

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TB rates are at unprecedented high levels in sub Saharan Africa [2]. TB Incidence in South Africa, estimated at 1,000 per 100,000, is the world’s third highest; 65% of TB patients are HIV coinfected...

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Journal Article

Yang, Xinxin, Tianao Yuan, Rui Ma, Kieran I Chacko, Melissa Smith, Gintaras Deikus, Robert Sebra, Andrew Kasarskis, Harm van Brakel, Scott G Franzblau and Nicole S Sampson. 2019. Mce3R Stress-Resistance Pathway Is Vulnerable to Small-Molecule Targeting That Improves Tuberculosis Drug Activities. ACS Infectious Diseases, 5(7), 1239–1251.

Journal Article

Lu, Rui, Christin Schaefer, Natasha M Nesbitt, Jochen Kuper, Caroline Kisker, & Nicole S Sampson. 2017. Catabolism of the Cholesterol Side Chain in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is Controlled by a Redox-Sensitive Thiol Switch. ACS Infectious Diseases.

Journal Article

Yuan, Tianao and Nicole S. Sampson. 2018. Hit Generation in TB Drug Discovery: From Genome to Granuloma. Chemical Reviews, 118(4), 1887–1916.

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