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“Access of Individuals to the African International Justice”

At the continental level, various legal instruments adopted within the framework of the African Union ((AU) guarantee a certain number of human and peoples’ rights. At the sub- regional level, the Constitutive Acts of the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) guarantee, in a similar way, some rights to individuals or enterprises.

At the same time, several international courts or quasi-judicial bodies have been established either within the AU, or within the RECs, to protect the rights guaranteed to individuals and other non- State entities.

The proposed research aims at examining: how far individuals or enterprises whose rights are guaranteed by those various legal instruments have access to those African international courts or bodies, when they are seeking justice; what are the challenges facing them with regard to that access; which proposals can be made with a view to improving and facilitating the access to the African international justice in general.

This research project can contribute to a better knowledge of all those mechanisms and procedures related to the access to justice, which, as we all know, has always a potential to enhance the consolidation of the rule of law, both at national and international level.


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