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African Constitutionalism: Comparative Perspectives (2)

The main project that I have engaged in at STIAS since 2013 falls under the general theme, “African Constitutionalism: Comparative Perspectives.” The goal has been to organise a series of seminars bringing together African scholars in this area who will focus on topical issues relating to constitutionalism in Africa. It was envisaged that through the publication of the papers presented during these seminars, knowledge on current developments will be shared with other scholars, not only in Africa but also worldwide. In 2014 Oxford University Press (OUP) accepted a proposal to publish the papers of this series of seminars, starting with those presented in September 2014. These will be published in a new series to be called, “Stellenbosch Handbooks on African Constitutional Law.”

During my current fellowship I will focus on two aspects of this project. The first part of my stay will be taken up with reviewing and editing the papers that were presented in 2014 for volume 1 of the new OUP handbooks series. The title of this volume will be “Separation of Powers in African Constitutionalism.” The second part of my stay will be taken up with preparation for the 2015 seminar, which will be on the theme, “Constitutional Adjudication in Africa.” This will involve reviewing the papers that will be presented and submitting comments for revision to the authors.


Fellows involved in this project

Coordinator, Fellow
South Africa

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Book/Book Chapter

Fombad, Charles M. and  Nico Steytler. (Eds.). 2019. Decentralization and Constitutionalism in Africa. Oxford University Press .

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