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Decentralization and Constitutionalism in Africa

Fombad, Charles M. and  Nico Steytler. (Eds.). 2019. Decentralization and Constitutionalism in Africa. Oxford University Press .


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The focus of the Stellenbosch Annual Seminar on Constitutionalism in Africa (SASCA) 2019 will be on “constitutionalism and the economy in Africa.” Africa is the continent with the highest level of...
The Stellenbosch Annual Seminars on Constitutionalism in Africa (SASCA) programme, “African constitutionalism: comparative perspectives”, falls under the STIAS project theme The future of democracy...
The focus of the 2017 seminar under this project is on the theme, “Corruption and constitutionalism in Africa: Revisiting control measures and strategies.” This theme has been chosen in recognition...
Under the broad theme of constitution-building in Africa, the focus of this project will be on the issue of decentralisation and constitutionalism in Africa. One of the important aspects of the transition...
The main project that I have engaged in at STIAS since 2013 falls under the general theme, “African Constitutionalism: Comparative Perspectives.” The goal has been to organise a series of seminars...
The focus of the study for this year, under the broad theme of constitution-building in Africa will be the issue of separation of powers. The excessive concentration of powers is arguably one of the greatest...

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16 September 2021

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