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African Leapfrogging Index to Sustainability (ALIS)

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition of Stellenbosch University and the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics of Lund University are currently developing a regional project on Distributed Renewable Economy for Africa’s Transformation. Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) is supporting the development and implementation of this project through provision of Fellowship as part of its long term research portfolio. Development of an African Leapfrogging Index to Sustainability is identified as one of the main component of this project. The overall objective of the African Leapfrogging Index to Sustainability (ALIS) is to catalyse leapfrogging of African countries towards an inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient economy that ensures sustainable livelihood and wellbeing to its people and contributes to the global sustainability effort. Two STIAS Fellowship are planned to be carried out in the course of 2017-18 with the following specific objectives.

  • Identify key lessons and experience of existing international and regional indicators related to sustainability and sustainable development.
  • Develop preliminary skeleton structure of the indicator framework for the African Leapfrogging Indicator to Sustainability.
  • Propose the most appropriate institutional context to operationalize the Indicator.

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