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Desta Mebratu

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition
Stellenbosch University
  • 2015 First Semester
  • 2016 Second Semester
  • 2017 Second Semester
  • 2019 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

The need for transformational change in national development efforts received unprecedented global consensus and support in 2015 resulting in the adoption of Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals...
We are continuously witnessing a confluence of socio-economic and social-ecological crisis manifested in the form of growing environmental degradation, persistent economic stagnation, increasing unemployement...
Centre for Complex Systems in Transition of Stellenbosch University and the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics of Lund University are currently developing a regional project...
Human history over the millennia has been shaped by major social transformation processes. These transformational processes redefined the key features of socio-economic relationships both within communities...
Africa is currently recognized as the fastest growing region in the world while a number of African countries are listed amongst the fastest growing economies in the region over the last decade. Given...

Related publications

Book/Book Chapter

Transformational Infrastructure for Development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa
Desta Mebratu & Mark Swilling (Editors)

African Sun Media (2019, 342pp) ISBN: 978-1-928480-40-2

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