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Alkebulan: The Return of the Leopard

Alkebulan: The Return of the Leopard is set in the formative phases of the African Federation made up of the continent and its diasporas – Caribbean Africa, European Africa, N. American Africa, Middle East Africa, S. American Africa and Asian Africa. The Kakiiko, a secretive cult puppeteering the federation, has run out of funds. It identifies, Kaddu Ssengo, a Ugandan, as a source of funds. Kaddu, who has Afrikaner heritage steeped in diamond mining, has inherited billions from his grandfather. The Kakiiko schemes to put most of his billions to the federation’s cause which is to create Alkebulan, a self-sustaining African ecosystem. But with China, India, the USA and Europe hot on their heels, it is becoming impossible to have access to Kaddu’s money. Through carefully choreographed manoeuvres, the Kakiiko lures Kaddu back to Uganda from Britain. While he settles down, members of the cult (masquerading as UN officials) work at bringing him into their fold. However, Kaddu’s zealotic loyalty to Buganda Kingdom stand in the way of some of the Kakiiko’s plans. And when their leader is assassinated their future seem scampered. Can Kaddu, a white looking Ganda, save the Kakiiko?


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