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Democracy at the Crossroads? Normative, performance and legitimacy changes in contemporary democracies

Current crises can hardly be reduced to fiscal or economic phenomena; they seem to be much deeper, including the crisis of democracy per se. “Democracy lost to the greedy market forces” seems to be a widespread and deep conviction across the world. This project is concentrated on two issues and research questions: (1) has democracy undergone a significant change towards more “output-related” phenomenon, i.e. has the social justice component of democracy become its constitutive element? and (2) has the level of the quality of political representation and legitimacy decreased during the last years of the global economic crisis?

For these questions to be answered two comparative projects will be utilised, first, the European Social Survey, Module 6 (of which I am one of the authors) entitled Europeans’ Visions and Evaluations of Democracy and, second, Comparative Members of Parliament 2007- 2013.



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