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Fundamentals of laser powder bed fusion of metals

Additive manufacturing (AM) of metals (3d printed metals) is set to disrupt manufacturing industries through its many advantages including complexity and innovation in design, short lead times, minimal waste and distributed manufacturing potential. All of these contribute to exciting new developments and products such as custom patient-specific medical implants and light-weight load-bearing brackets and engine parts for automotive and aerospace applications.
The adoption and success of additive manufacturing of metals is driven by continuous developments in the technology and the appropriate use of the technology in new applications, considering all its technical challenges. The near-limitless capabilities of this technology is held back only by knowledge. There are international standards being developed by ASTM/ISO which support this, but on a lower level there is a need for an academic reference book to help students, scientists, engineers and managers to understand the fundamentals of this technology. The applicants are writing and editing such a book, with an international team of expert authors. This book aims to be the premier “go-to” reference book on this technology. This proposal will allow three editors of this book to work directly together at STIAS to ensure the best quality book is produced.


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South Africa
Visiting scholar
South Africa
Visiting scholar
South Africa

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