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Decolonizing Africa: A Feminist Perspective

The main aim of this project is to develop a resource that moves legal education away from the conventional teaching which focuses on the black letter of the law and perpetuates a colonial, hierarchical, and decontextualized understanding.  The book will analyze some key legal concepts through the twin lenses of Decolonization and Feminism.  It tackles issues of legal pluralism and their significance to African women, and unpacks the Western origins of Human Rights.  It also attempts to reconceptualize the concept of rights through Ubuntu social justice.  The book provides several insights on decolonizing the African Academy and the teaching of Law, particularly those subjects which cover the family and sexuality.  In so doing, the book will unlock the out-of-sight connections between imperialism, neocolonialism and the patriarchal-capitalist system and the Law.  Such a book would facilitate students’ critical thinking skills and serve as a useful text for a wide range of contemporary studies.


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