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Government agricultural finance interventions as instruments for social protection: a comparative review of developing economies

Strategies promoting social protection for agricultural growth have been remarkably successful in some countries (mainly Asian countries) but not in others (mainly African countries). However, Governments in most African countries specifically in Namibia have tried to intervene and set up financingmechanisms in the agricultural sector. Despite the operations of Agribank of Namibia which has been in existence for twenty nine years after independence in 1990, agricultural productivity has not been encouraging. The research intends to draw lessons from Brazil and Indonesia as countries that have achieved high agricultural output growth through agricultural finance interventions that have a social protection function. The issue is what can we learn from their financing model?The study will employ a qualitative methodology approach to explain information in detail by way of desktop review and document analysis. Data from interviews conducted between 2015-2016 during PhD studies will also be used.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso Fellow

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Journal Article

Amadhila, Elina M. 2023. The Potential for Social Protection in Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Empowering Women Farmers in Namibia. Gender Questions.

Book/Book Chapter

Amadhila, Elina M. 2022. Access to Land and Agricultural Incentives for the Youth in Namibia. In V. Gumede & T. Shonhe (Eds.), Rethinking the Land and Agrarian Questions in Africa. Africa Century Editions Press.

Journal Article

Amadhila, Elina M. and James Guest. 2022. Teach outside your comfort zone: A qualitative study of higher education students’ conceptions in Namibia. Cogent Education, 9(1).



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