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Life in the transients

This project will explore a new theory of adaptation that I have termed Life in the Transients (LIT). In a nutshell, LIT argues that the theory of open thermodynamic systems has significant implications for how we think about life, adaptation and evolution. These are largely unexplored, largely because we do not have a good idea how life fits into it. As a consequence, we cannot say we have a coherent theory of biology. Without such a coherent theory, we cannot think coherently about the many issues that confront us today concerning the nature of life, its intrinsic value, its relationship to the environment and the mechanism of its evolution. I believe we are at a point in the intellectual development of biology that such a coherent theory is within reach.


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Journal Article

Turner, J. Scott. 2019. Homeostasis as a fundamental principle for a coherent theory of brains. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 374(1774), 20180373.

Journal Article

Soar, R., Amador, G., Bardunias, P., and Turner, J. Scott. 2019. Moisture gradients form a vapor cycle within the viscous boundary layer as an organizing principle to worker termites. Insectes Sociaux, 66(2), 193–209.


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