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mHealth for Burn Diagnostic and Care in South Africa

In resource-poor settings, poor and marginalised populations have little access to burn injury emergency care, which is crucial to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.

The mHealth system developed in this project can safeguard timely and equitable access to high quality care in acute injury situations. Visual and textual information can be captured via a mobile phone application and transmitted from an emergency staff to tele-experts who, in return, provide prompt management advice.

During 2012-2013, baseline studies on burn injuries in eight health care facilities and feasibility studies (image quality, diagnostic accuracy, potential change in patient management) were conducted to inform the implementation and evaluation of the system. In 2013 the data gathered through these studies will be analysed for the preparation of scientific articles.

The goals of the project are that the mHealth system will be cost-effective and have a positive impact on poverty reduction.


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