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Multiscale Modeling in Tribology

Roughly 30% of global energy consumption today is friction – a colossal loss. Tribology is an inter-disciplinary research field to understand, minimize and in the end to eliminate friction and wear in rubbing of surfaces. Current lubrication technology is designed for steel surfaces, not optimal for modern wear resistant coatings and lightweight materials. Ionic liquids (IL), with a wide variety of applications have been found as attractive alternatives. The behavior of ILs under high shear rates and pressures in confined films is not currently known as experiments are very difficult, often impossible. Once understood, it would be possible to tune the temperature, pressure and shear response of ILs to provide lubricants with desired properties. Multiscale computer modelling of IL properties and tribological behavior will be very useful in designing a new generation of efficient and environmentally friendly lubricants.


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