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Planning the new, better city –Fear and safety in policy and practice

Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, is constructed around a classic industrial source of production – the prosperous mine. The mine has been the overwhelmingly dominant employer in the city and its fortunes have been intimately connected to the city’s prosperity. However, massive, continuing expansion of the mine has led to severe risks of subsidence, thus substantial parts of the city must be moved to assure both the citizens’ safety and continuation of the mining.

In this study, I will examine Kiruna municipality’s officially proclaimed mission to realize a socially inclusive vision: the development of a more democratic, gender equal, sustainable and dynamic city. How do local policy makers (politicians and civil servants) as well as local actors frame the problem on fear and safety and what kind of strategies for change do they promote? How is this conceptualised in the planning of the new city?


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