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Removal of pollutants from drinking water by clay minerals using metal oxide nanoparticles

Contamination of drinking water with chemical and biological pollutants is a serious problem of the present century. Therefore, availability of suitable water sources is becoming a crucial problem because having locally available water resources is not sufficient to cover the water needs. Key is to have at least sanitized water, that is water free from all pathogens and toxic pollutants. Moreover, even the groundwater, considered historically as a safe and low cost water source, often cannot be used without a pre-treatment due to pollution. Clay/TiO2/Ag nanoparticles composites materials are capable to perform the chemical pollutants removal, bacteria and viruses from water. Moreover, water treatment by the used of this material in column plants can be constructed in small villages to serve locally the population in rural areas in developing country. The aim is to develop low cost and highly efficient materials for pollutants removal in drinking water. We intend to develop an innovative nanostructured and functionalized composite clay materials with antibacterial properties for water purification. Examples of pilot water treatment plants will be made at the end of the project.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso visiting scholar

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