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Synthesis, Design, and Resource Optimization in Batch Chemical Plants

The project at STIAS will involve writing a research book aimed at closing a glaring scientific gap in the area of batch chemical process. The book will present state-of-the-art techniques for synthesis, design and resource optimization in batch chemical plants. In all the aspects addressed in the book, emphasis is placed on the rigour and essence of a chosen scheduling framework. The manner in which time is captured is of utmost importance and forms the foundation for synthesis, design and optimization in batch chemical plants. However, there are still serious challenges with handling time in batch plants, as evinced in published literature. Most techniques tend to assume either a fixed time dimension or adopt time average models in order to tame the time dimension, thereby simplifying the resultant mathematical models. A direct consequence of this simplification is a suboptimal process. The material presented in this book aims to close this scientific gap. The book is arranged into three parts according to focus of content. The first part of the book focuses on scheduling techniques, whilst the second part covers synthesis and design where the objective is mainly to design a chemical facility, which satisfies all the targets with minimum capital cost investment. Lastly, the book deals with resource conservation aspects in batch plants, where water and energy take the centre stage.


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