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Transdisciplinary thinking through food in South Africa

Apart from foregrounding political economy, I will use a transdispclinary approach to explore food and eating in the South African imaginary, in globalised foodscapes, in national and local contexts, and as being marked unevenly by creativity and resistance. I will show how eating, preparing and buying food can signal reciprocal relationships among humans, with the environment and with matter. While Northern-based posthumanist scholarship fixates on homogenous human encounters, I use a postcolonial perspective to uncover how some seemingly ordinary food practices unsettle extractivist and hierarchical human responses to the non-human: animals, nature and the environment.
A second connected paper turns to the corporate food industry, which has tactically adapted its production and marketing strategies by focusing on so-called “plant-based food”. These products are as much a product of the global fast food industry as are foods such as burgers or hot-dogs.


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