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The core of our investigation will be generative, site-based investigation into our music improvisation, both as practice and as reflexive engagement. The many aspects of improvisation that intrigue us are diverse, and multi-faceted, with the precariousness of sound in flux and in not-knowing perhaps foremost in our music interactions. For our month-long residency, and with a view to developing longer-term artistic research projects, we focus on improvisation as contingent, contextual, mirroring liquid times, and sociality: Improvising as taking risks, but also making a stand; improvisation as acts of risk-taking and stand-making: both the doing and the installation.
Our improvisation projects engage inter-disciplinary music-making, amidst former traditions and current activisms. We work and create into Khoi memory music and Western classical flute concert practice, with free improvisation facilitating conversations of music-making as global South decolonial aesthesis. We understand free improvisation to be shaped by geo-political place and historical time, as well as by our individual identities and by what we hold in our minds: Knots of time and place, as well as Xnau as an altering space of initiation are phrases that inform our creative and scholarly work.


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South Africa
South Africa

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