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Regina Lindborg

Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University
  • 2014 First Semester
  • 2015 First Semester

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Grassland systems have been in focus for a long time due to their ecological, socioeconomic and cultural importance. If moderately managed, these grasslands may increase the multifunctionality of rural...

Related publications

Book/Book Chapter

Egoh, Benis N, Jan Bengtsson, Regina Lindborg, James M Bullock, Adam P Dixon, and Mathieu Rouget. 2016. The Importance of Grasslands in Providing Ecosystem Services: Opportunities for Poverty Alleviation. Pp. 421–41 in Routledge Handbook of Ecosystem Services, edited by Marion Potschin, Roy Haines-Young, Robert Fish, and R. Kerry Turner. Oxford: Routledge.

Journal Article

Lindborg, Regina, Line J. Gordon, Rebecka Malinga, Jan Bengtsson, Garry Peterson, Riccardo Bommarco, Lisa Deutsch, Åsa Gren, Maj Rundlöf and Henrik G. Smith. 2017. How spatial scale shapes the generation and management of multiple ecosystem services. Ecosphere, 8(4), e01741.

Journal Article

Bengtsson, Janne, J.M. Bullock; B. Egoh; C. Everson; T. O’Connor; P.J. O’Farrell; H.G. Smith; Regina Lindborg. 2019. Grasslands—more important for ecosystem services than you might think. Ecosphere, 10(2), e02582.

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