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Reinette Biggs

South Africa / Sweden
Resilience Centre
Young Scholar:
  • 2012 and earlier
  • 2013 First Semester

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Regime shifts refer to large, persistent changes in the structure and function of complex systems such as intertwined social-ecological systems (SES). Regime shifts in SES often have large impacts on ecosystem...

Related publications

Journal Article

Belinda Reyers, Reinette Biggs, Graeme S Cumming, et al. 2013. Getting the measure of ecosystem services: a social-ecological approach. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 11 (5), 268-273. doi:10.1890/120144

Journal Article

Reinette Biggs, Maja Schlüter, Duan Biggs, et al. 2013. Toward Principles for Enhancing the Resilience of Ecosystem Services. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 37, 421-448. doi: 10.1146/annurev-environ-051211-123836

Journal Article

Mirijam Gaertner, Reinette Biggs, Mariska Te Beest et al. 2014. Invasive plants as drivers of regime shifts: identifying high-priority invaders that alter feedback relationships. Diversity and Distributions, 20 (7), 733-744)

Journal Article

Biggs, Reinette Oonsie, Clint Rhode, Sally Archibald, Lucky Makhosini Kunene, Shingirirai S Mutanga, Nghamula Nkuna, Peter Omondi Ocholla, and Lehlohonolo Joe Phadima. 2015. Strategies for Managing Complex Social-Ecological Systems in the Face of Uncertainty: Examples from South Africa and beyond. Ecology and Society 20 (1): 52. doi:10.5751/ES-07380-200152.

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