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Robert Appelbaum

English Department
Uppsala University
  • 2014 First Semester

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Social change in Renaissance Europe (from about 1350 in Italy to about 1615 in France and England) brought about new attitudes toward violence, where the warrior code of the old regimes gave way to a more...
One can identify an ‘aesthetics’ of violence in any representation of a violent act where form and textuality are essential elements to the experience to the representation. But this aesthetics is...

Related publications

Book/Book Chapter

Appelbaum, Robert. 2015. Terrorism Before the Letter: Mythography and Political Violence in England, Scotland and France, 1559-1642. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Book/Book Chapter

Appelbaum, Robert. 2017. The Aesthetics of Violence. Art, Fiction, Drama and Film. Rowman & Littlefield International.

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