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Ulrike Davy

Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft
ZiF, Universität Bielefeld
  • 2013 First Semester
  • 2015 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

  A mid-term research programme focusing on the ideational foundations of social policies beyond traditional “Northern” welfare will be fleshed out. The basic ideas of “Northern” welfare are...
The apartheid regime of South Africa persistently abstained from ratifying any of the major human rights treaties elaborated under the aegis of the United Nations after 1948. The new South Africa of the...

Related publications


Chen, Albert H. Y. and Ulrike Davy. 2023. Law and Social Policy in the Global South. Routledge.

Journal Article

Ulrike Davy. 2014. How Human Rights Shape Social Citizenship: On Citizenship and the Understanding of Economicand Social Rights. Washington University Global Studies Law Review, 13 (2) 201-263.

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