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William Kunin

United Kingdom
University of Leeds
  • 2017 First Semester

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Biological diversity is intrinsically scale-dependent, and understanding its scaling properties may help us better manage and conserve it. Factors such as invasive alien species, climate change or habitat...

Related publications

Journal Article

Gillespie, Mark A. K., Mathilde Baude, Jacobus Biesmeijer, Nigel Boatman, Giles E. Budge, Andrew Crowe, Jane Mammott, R. Daniel Morton, Stephane Pietravalle, Simon G. Potts, Deepa Senapathi, Simon M. Smart, William E. Kunin. 2017. A method for the objective selection of landscape-scale study regions and sites at the national level. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8(11), 1468–1476.

Journal Article

Kunin, William E., John Harte, Fangliang He, Cang Hui, R. Todd Jobe, Annette Ostling, Chiara Polce, Arnošt Šizling, Adam B. smith, Krister Smith, Simon M. Smart, David Storch, Even Tjørve, Karl-Inne Uglang, Werner Ulrich and Varun Varma. 2018. Upscaling biodiversity: estimating the species-area relationship from small samples. Ecological Monographs, 88, 170-187.

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