The target and at the same time the tool of the project is the conceptualisations and imaginations of the social and the economic in various African languages. The semantics of these two spheres are conventionally departing from Western conceptualisations with an origin in the Antique World. The project, part of a larger research team, will endeavour to confront the fact that the homage to freedom in market philosophy in economics and the emphasis on solidarity in the state and society philosophy in sociology conventionally are propagated as two separate but parallel intellectual trajectories which never cross. The research team wants to bring them together and focus on their entangled inter-dynamics.  Conceptual history is the methodological umbrella that covers and brings together disciplinary approaches in history, linguistics, economic and political and social theory.

More about the project and a full project outline can be found at Conceptafrica .

Project leader(s):
  • Bo Stråth (Helsinki)
STIAS fellow(s):
  • Andreas Eckert (Berlin)
  • Axel Fleisch (Helsinki)

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