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Daniel Brooks

University of Toronto
  • 2017 First Semester
  • 2021 Second Semester

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Humanity is facing an existential crisis from global climate change. Evolutionary biology has a critical role to play in how we respond. The problem fundamentally involves two evolvable variables: Ecosystems,...
The emerging infectious disease (EID) crisis encompasses all pathogens affecting humans and the species upon which we depend for survival and socio-economic development. It constitutes an existential threat...

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Book/Book Chapter

Agosta, Salvatore J and Daniel R. Brooks. 2020. The Major Metaphors of Evolution: Darwinism Then and Now. Springer.

Book/Book Chapter

Brooks, Daniel R, Eric P. Hoberg and Walter A. Boeger. The Stockholm Paradigm: Climate Change and Emerging Disease. University of Chicago Press.

Journal Article

Nylin, Sören, Salvatore Agosta, Staffan Bensch, Walter A. Boeger, Mariana P. Braga, Daniel R. Brooks, Matthew L. Forister, Peter A. Hambäck, Eric P. Hoberg, Tommi Nyman, Alexander Schäpers, Alycia L Stigall, Christopher W. Wheat, Martin Österling and Niklas Janz. 2018. Embracing Colonizations: A New Paradigm for Species Association Dynamics. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 33(1), 4–14.


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