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David Takacs

University of California
  • 2015 First Semester

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Fulfilling human rights to a clean and healthy environment while sustaining that environment for present and future generations of humans and non-humans is unambiguously worthwhile until a nation tries...

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Journal Article

Takacs, David. 2020. An Aye Aye for an Aye Aye: Making Biodiversity Offsets Sustainable. Columbia Journal of Environmental Law, 45.

Journal Article

Takacs, David. 2016. South Africa and the Human Right to Water: Equity, Ecology, and the Public Trust Doctrine. Berkeley Journal of International Law 34(2):55–108.

Journal Article

Takacs, David. 2018. Are Koalas Fungible? Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law. N.Y.U. Environmental Law Journal, 26, 161–226.

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