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Duncan Brown

South Africa
Faculty of Arts
University of the Western Cape
  • 2012 and earlier
  • 2013 First Semester
  • 2016 First Semester
  • 2018 Second Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

This is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project, located in the Faculty of Arts at UWC, which seeks to rethink the ways in which we conceptualise and understand the field of South African literatures,...
In this project, I engage with the concept of ‘wildness’, initially in the very problematic ways in which it is often used, but then more substantially in its possibilities for (re)thinking human,...
South African literary studies has, in a sense, lost its intellectual project. The post-apartheid literary scene is flourishing, but the scholarship is falling behind. There are various reasons for this,...
There has been substantial attention paid in literary and postcolonial studies to issues of environment and ecology, and especially the environmental transformations which colonial and imperial histories...

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Book/Book Chapter

Brown, Duncan. 2020. Finding My Way: Reflections on South African Literature. University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Press.

Journal Article

Brown, Duncan. 2019. “That Man Patton”: The Personal History of a Book. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31(2), 107–115.

Book/Book Chapter

Duncan Brown. 2013. Are Trout South African (Stories of Fish, People and Places). Picador Africa, 256 pp. ISBN 978-1-77010-302-3.

Journal Article

Duncan Brown. 2014. Reimagining South African Literature. Journal of Southern African Studies, 40 (5), 1109-1123

Book/Book Chapter

Brown, Duncan. 2015. Haunted by Waters. In Relocations: Reading Culture in South Africa, edited by Imraan Coovadia, Cóilín Parsons and Alexandra Dodd, 110–122. Cape Town: UCT Press.

Journal Article

Brown, Duncan. 2016. Oral Literature in South Africa: 20 Years On. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa 28(2):108–18.

Journal Article

Brown, Duncan. 2016. Reimagining the “literary” in South African Literary Studies. English in Africa 43(3):141.

Journal Article

Brown, Duncan. 2016. Native, Natural, Indigenous, Indigenised? Trout in the Postcolony. Critical African Studies 8(2):179–95.

Book/Book Chapter

Brown, Duncan. 2016. Indigeneity, Alienness and Cuisine: Are Trout South African? Pp. 21–38 in Cooking Cultures: Convergent Histories of Food and Feeling, edited by I. Banerjee-Dube. Delhi: Cambridge University Press.


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11 March 2014

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