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Florian Boge

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Visiting scholar:
  • 2018 First Semester

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The philosopher William James once wrote, “Like the old woman who described the world as resting on a rock, and then explained that rock to be supported by another rock, and finally said it was ‘rocks...

Related publications

Book/Book Chapter

Rocha, Gustavo R., Dean Rickles and Florian J. Boge. 2021. A Brief Historical Perspective on the Consistent Histories Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. In O. F. Junior (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of the History of Interpretations of Quantum Physics. Oxford University Press.

Journal Article

Glick, David, and Boge, Florian J. 2019. Is the Reality Criterion Analytic? Erkenntnis.

Journal Article

Boge, Florian J. 2019. Quantum Information Versus Epistemic Logic: An Analysis of the Frauchiger–Renner Theorem. Foundations of Physics, 49(10), 1143–1165.

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