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Foluke Unuabonah

Department of English
Redeemer's University
Iso Lomso visiting scholar:
  • 2021 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

There is extensive study of pragmatic marker borrowing from Asian languages by speakers of Asian Englishes, without a full exploration of pragmatic markers borrowed from African languages into African...

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Journal Article

Unuabonah, Foluke O. and Mampoi I. Mabena. 2024. “Eish it’s getting really interesting”: borrowed interjections in South African English. Multilingua.

Journal Article

Unuabonah, Foluke and Noloyiso Mtembu. 2023. Multilingual pragmatic markers in South African English. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 41(3), 264–279.

Journal Article

Unuabonah, Foluke Olayinka and Loveluck Philip Muro. 2022. Borrowed Swahili discourse-pragmatic features in Kenyan and Tanzanian Englishes. Intercultural Pragmatics, 19(4), 489–512.

Journal Article

Muro, Loveluck and Foluke Unuabonah. 2022. Borrowed Discourse-Pragmatic Features in Kenyan English. Language Matters, 53(2), 3–22.

Journal Article

Olayinka Unuabonah, Foluke. 2022. Afrikaans discourse-pragmatic features in South African English. Lingua, 103309.

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