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Michelle LeBaron

University of British Columbia
  • 2015 Second Semester
  • 2017 First Semester
  • 2018 First Semester

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The world over and across time, the arts remain vitally important in fostering resilience and creating channels for reconciliation after conflict. This unique initiative blends South African, Kenyan, US...

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Book/Book Chapter

LeBaron, Michelle. 2021. Women awake. In Gender, Transitional Justice and Memorial Arts (pp. 172–192). Routledge.

Journal Article

LeBaron, Michelle and Nadja M. Alexander. 2020. Optimising Performance: How Jungian Alchemy Informs Organisational Transformation. Organizational Aesthetics, 9(2), 62-82.

Book/Book Chapter

Changing Our Worlds: Art as Transformative Practice
Michelle LeBaron & Janis Sarra (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2018, 196 pp) ISBN: 978-1-928357-86-5

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