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Quantum and collective phenomena induced by PT-symmetry in opto-electromechanical array

Parity-time (PT) symmetry has attracted a lot of attention in many fields of physics in recent years. Its application is hindered by the stringent requirements on coherent gain balanced with loss.The transition from PT-symmetry to the broken PT-symmetry is through exceptional points (EPs), a singularity where both the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the system coalesce. These EPs exhibit interesting properties for topological matter, nonreciprocal transport, optical based applications and so on. In the current project, we aim to further figure out the properties of EPs in opto-electromechanical array. The quantum concepts such as multipartite entanglement, photon/phonon nonreciprocal/topological transport, and quantum synchronization based on EPs are some interesting outputs expected from this project. Our motivation is to transfer our knowledge on PT-symmetry from optomechanics to electromechanics in order to extend this research field to the colleagues having quantum electronic background. This project constitute not only a step towards an establishment of strong collaborative network with African researchers who have a good understanding of electronic circuits, but it will lead us also to deeply explore quantum electronics.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso Fellow

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Journal Article

Mbokop Tchounda, Stella. R., Philippe Djorwé, P., Murielle V. Tchakui and Serge G. Nana Engo. 2024. Chaos control and exceptional point engineering via dissipative optomechanical coupling. Physica Scripta, 99(2), 025215.

Journal Article

Tchounda, Stella Rolande Mbokop, Philippe Djorwé, Serge Guy Nana Engo, Bahram Djafari-Rouhani. 2023. Sensor Sensitivity Based on Exceptional Points Engineered via Synthetic Magnetism. Physical Review Applied, 19(6), 064016.

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