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Questions of Literature

This project will involve the further exploration of a number of issues treated briefly in the 2004 study ‘The Singularity of Literature’, a short book that examined the distinctive character of literary uses of language, emphasizing the interrelated trinity of inventiveness, singularity and alterity. The aim is to write a sequel to that book, discussing more fully such questions as the ethics of reading, the nature of commentary, authorial intention and translation. A substantial introduction in the form of a dialogue will interrogate many of the claims made in ‘The Singularity of Literature’, allowing clarification of areas of possible misunderstanding and filling in some of the gaps made necessary by the shortness of the book. The new material, together with four essays already published on the topics of literary knowledge, affect, metaphor and context, will be included in a book, tentatively entitled ‘Questions of Literature’.


Fellows involved in this project

United Kingdom / South Africa

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