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Qingxiu Bu

United Kingdom
Sussex Law School
University of Sussex
  • 2022 Second Semester

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The increasing digitalisation of international trade deepens globalisation, and data flows play a key role in this transformation. With its rise as an information superpower, China is reshaping global...

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Journal Article

Bu, Qingxiu. 2022. Multijurisdictional Prosecution of Multinational Corporations: Double Jeopardy vis-à-vis Sovereign Rights in the Globalized Anti-bribery Regime. International Annals of Criminology, 60(2), 269–295.

Book/Book Chapter

Bu, Qingxiu. 2023. State Capitalism and International Investment Law. In Panagiotis Delimatsis, Georgios Dimitropoulos and Anastasios Gourgourinis (Eds.), State Capitalism and International Investment Law. (1st ed.). Bloomsbury Publishing.

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