Adam Tas Corridor – unlocking the regeneration and transformation of Stellenbosch

This project applies the principles of “massive small” urban system change to the Adam Tas Corridor, an area in the city of Stellenbosch that comprises 400 ha along two intersecting transport routes. It includes the previously disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Kayamandi, Cloetesville and Ida’s Valley, and comprises prime, regeneration land and a major transport spine. The … [Read more]

Sexualities and (Dis)Abilities: (Re)Valuing Being Sexual Humans through Body Narratives

This study reads narratives that focus on the representations of (dis)abled bodies in sexually charged spaces in a bid to (re)value these bodies as they negotiate their humanity as well as their capacity to give and receive pleasure. Sex rarely occurs in the same sentence with deformity, probably, because a lot of people tend to … [Read more]

Spotlighting social inclusion: protection of Africa’s hunter gatherers’ communal land rights in the context of sustainable development goals (SDGs) implementation

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in discussions pertaining to ‘social inclusion’, largely resulting from adoption by the United Nations, of the UN 2030 Agenda encompassing the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and a commitment by States to ‘leave no one behind’ during SDGs implantation. Some African countries are however uniquely positioned in the … [Read more]

Mobility, Subjectivity and the Poetics of Space-making in the Western Indian Ocean Novels

Literary works by African writers of Asian descent construct the experiences of Asian communities in the western Indian Ocean (East Africa) as counter-narratives that seek to provide alternative and more nuanced accounts of Asian presence in the region. Surprisingly, however, critical engagements with this body of works have paid little attention to notions of space … [Read more]

Assessing contribution and link between terrestrial and aquatic environment in estuarine environments

Human population growth threatens the integrity of 0.8% of the Earth’s freshwater ecosystems globally, through reduction of its ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. The aim of the project is to assess direct or indirect community livelihoods impacts on preservation of crab species Potamonautes spp., and attempt to identify opportunities and constrains to … [Read more]

Complexity and the Shift in Modern Science

Science has shifted in the last 120 years from a grounding in the Enlightenment ideas of formalism, determinacy, rationality, and stasis; to a new grounding in organicism, indeterminacy, contingent behavior, and evolutionary openness. It has moved from “prim dreams of pure order” to an embrace of “messy vitality.” Part of this shift has been caused … [Read more]

Migration Vulnerability and Access to Social Protection

The project concerns the availability, adequacy and access to social protection of three selected vulnerable migrant categories, i.e.: (i) migrants exposed to climate or environmental change; (ii) migrants in the informal economy, with specific reference to migrants who move in an informal work capacity and migrant workers who become part of the informal economy in … [Read more]

And Still I Rise

This project is an autobiography. Whilst it is inevitably centred around me, it is however not about me. It is an attempt to tell the story of our people in the time that I lived, and my role in that part of our collective story. As a result, incidents and events of national importance, epochs … [Read more]

Producing the self through play online

The notion of playing with identity through physical appearance is particularly evident in society. The aim of this project is to consider play as drive for the online production of self. Social media allows consumers to craft the self they present online as they effectively manage impressions others form of them. Consumers thus play with … [Read more]

Towards a Politics of Singularity, or Beyond Identity Politics

Cutting across the boundaries of recent political theory, psychoanalysis, and philosophy, this project aims to show that the link between one human being and another, the social bond, consists of a traumatic encounter. I argue that the self relates to the uniqueness of the other human being as something that is beyond its reach, grasp … [Read more]