Transcultural Affinity: Cosmopolitan Imagination in South Africa

My project examines the idea of cosmopolitan solidarity in South Africa. The peaceful transition to democracy and the accompanying Truth and Reconciliation Commission have undoubtedly bequeathed moral and cultural capital to South Africa. In addition to these epochal events, poets, philosophers, novelists and cultural theorists have proffered ideas aimed at promoting transcultural contacts and openness … [Read more]

The international protection of human rights

Time at STIAS will be devoted to the final updating and revision of a syllabus entitled “The International Protection of Human Rights: A Critical Approach”, which was used in 2015 at the College of Law of the National University of Taiwan in Taipei, to be published as a book in 2016 by Intersentia (Antwerp, Cambridge, … [Read more]

The “As-If” reality of puppet theatre

While at STIAS Jane Taylor will be launching creative/intellectual projects involving object theatre and puppetry arts. The broad collective of scholarship that she is establishing is LOKO – The Laboratory of Kinetic Objects – an initiative to link scholars and artists with related questions.  Taylor has worked for several decades with the world-renowned Handspring Puppet Company … [Read more]

Science and development: Growth, expansion and role of university systems in emerging economies

The challenge of economic growth for middle income countries includes technological upgrading, which, in turn, demands expansion and improvement of the higher education and science system. Emerging economies are faced with a subsidiary problem: how to make that growth “inclusive”. The general concern of the inclusion of excluded groups is reflected specifically in the science … [Read more]

Complexity and Anticipation

Complexity is possibly the most relevant scientific idea that emerged during the past decades. A question we would like to raise is whether complexity unfolds in degrees (when systems or models are more or less complex), or whether it is is a type (when a system or a model is either simple or complex). Things … [Read more]

Understanding clinical quality of care in public primary health care facilities in South Africa

This study considers the reliability of a standardised client approach to inform policy makers about the quality of the clinical encounter at primary healthcare centres in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape metro areas. It is notoriously difficult to monitor clinical quality at primary care level and consequently there has been significant interest in this … [Read more]

Mutual innovation capacity building

One of the key assignments for my stay at STIAS will be to work out a proposal for the final agenda and format for a Round Table (RT) meeting to be held at STIAS in February 2016 together with Pontus Braunerhjelm. The theme of the RT will be “Innovation for prosperity”, and in the meeting … [Read more]

Innovations: Key to structural change and prosperity

One of the key activities during my stay at STIAS is, together with Margareta Norell Bergendahl, to finalize the agenda of the up-coming Round Table meeting to be held at STIAS in February 2016. The theme of the RT will be “Innovation for Prosperity”, focusing on innovation-driven growth in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, I will … [Read more]

Contingency and Uncertainty: Working with and against the state in South Africa

This project asks the question: under what circumstances, with what political resources, and under what kinds of assumptions are women able to make claims on the state to address gender inequalities? Much of the global scholarship on women’s capacity to effect systemic change begins from a premise that institutions can be designed to facilitate women’s … [Read more]

New approaches to anti-obesity therapeutics

Obesity is a medical condition defined as the excessive accumulation of fat that presents a risk to health. Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980. In 2008, over half billion people were obese. Health hazards associated with obesity include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Lifestyle modifications are the most straightforward way to control weight. However, a … [Read more]