Glory (Working Title)

A multi-generational family drama told through different periods of Zimbabwe’s history.

10 year follow-up study of cardiac and liver iron using T2*MRI in a single cohort of thalassaemia major patients.

Patients with thalassemia major require regular blood transfusions from 6-12 months of age to stay alive. This eventually results in massive iron overload; the body has no mechanism for ridding itself of iron and so the patients have to use daily iron chelation to remove the iron. However, this is a major problem as non-compliance … [Read more]

Combating antimicrobial resistance: Ecological and public health implications

Antimicrobial resistance is a cross-border problem at the global level, affecting both developed and developing nations. However, the mandate for enforcing international measure is limited. Increasing numbers of bacteria species are developing resistance to the antibiotic. This means that some infections are difficult, sometimes even impossible to treat. Thus, treatment and operation that are now … [Read more]

An Ordinary of Agony: The Social and Political Production of Superfluous People

The present research proposal aims to work on an anthropology of misfortune in Cameroon by describing and analyzing critically various forms of malevolence in media narrative in Cameroon. I intend to thematize media productions in Cameroon as a site of affliction. My main thesis is that the media narratives tend to represent the ordinary life … [Read more]

Yes, The World

My fourth novel will look at the lives of internally displaced people in India in what I hope is a formally original way – by marrying the extreme and self-conscious artifice of the pastoral mode to the density and ‘life-like’-ness of the realist novel. Internally displaced people are essentially refugees, fleeing conflict, violence, terror, forcible … [Read more]

Mineral Wealth and Distributive Struggles on the Platinum Belt, South Africa

This project explores distributive struggles on the platinum belt in South Africa. Primary, it examines local politics of distribution in platinum-rich traditional authority areas in South Africa’s North West province. Of key interest is how distributive claims by the rural poor in could contribute to the intense global debates on state-driven distributive measures and limited … [Read more]

Urban informality and middle-class aspirations in South Africa and Kenya

This project will take its point of departure in field work carried out by Bodil Folke Frederiksen and myself in two urban slum areas in South Africa and Kenya from the mid-1990s onwards. Our parallel trajectories of research have explored local politics, dynamics of violence, moral debates, and popular culture with a special focus on … [Read more]

Reading black middle-classness

For this project I am reading the burgeoning publication of essays that tackle black middle-classness and related aspects such as masculinities, femininities and race – indeed, intersections of these. The authors themselves are trying to “work out” their own middle-classness, with which they have a conflicted relationship. There also appears to be a “candid” turn … [Read more]

Multi-class families, regional disparities and the emergence of middle classes in Africa

Drawing on my own fieldwork in Ghana as well as secondary sources on West Africa, but also other African countries, this project will explore two challenges in particular. The first concerns the relationship between class and family. Conventional class theories consider class membership as comprising not only individuals, but entire households and families. In African … [Read more]

Law, Kinship, and the Formal Processes of Middle-Class Reproduction in Johannesburg, South Africa

This project investigates how legal and bureaucratic processes mediate inheritance in South Africa, as a window into the formal institutional dimensions of middle-class reproduction. This reveals connections between patterns of accumulation and new forms of marginalization and inequality. The research involves in-depth ethnographic and qualitative research throughout 2017, tracking the processes of inheritance in Johannesburg … [Read more]