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Ivan Vladislavic

South Africa
  • 2012 and earlier
  • 2013 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

The main project I undertook at STIAS was a collection of short fictions called 101 Detectives. The collection brings together 11 texts, including some that were revised and completed at STIAS and some...

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Book/Book Chapter

Vladislavić, Ivan. 2015. 101 Detectives. Cape Town: Umuzi.

Journal Article

Vladislavic, Ivan. 2016. On First Looking into Godot. Thesis Eleven 136(1):31–34.

Journal Article

Beilharz, P and S Supski. 2016. Introduction to Special Section on Ivan Vladislavic: Ivan Vladislavic – Writing Sideways. Thesis Eleven 136(1):3–4.

Journal Article

Beilharz, Peter and Sian Supski. 2016. Finding Ivan Vladislavic – Writing the City. Thesis Eleven 136(1):5–19.

Journal Article

Beilharz, Peter and Sian Supski. 2016. Ivan Vladislavic – A Tale in Two Cities. Thesis Eleven 136(1):20–30.

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