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The construction of the Shona subject as historical, contemporary, personal and social in Zimbabwe: the impact of the social fabric in the construction of the individual

The trilogy is a young adult dystopian speculative fiction designed to sensitize African and global adults, to the need to engage politically and personally in order to take their destiny into their own hands. It challenges traditional customs and norms and spiritual concepts that no longer serve a rapidly evolving world. It also challenges modern and post-modern traditions and norms that do not deliver societal goods. Set in a post-apocalypse southern Africa, the trilogy proposes a new paradigm for gender relations and relations between other classes of difference such as race and class as necessary for survival of the human beings.
These propositions are made through narrating the adventures of three high school female pupils. SAI-SAI is a middle class girl whose parents have acquiesced to the system but understand the need to fight for justice in a sustainable manner. AHSAH is a lower class girl who is filled with hatred and ambition. THEA is the daughter of a politician, second in power only to the ultimate ruler. The three girls must learn to work together to outwit MOOT, THE GREAT ANCESTOR OF FIRE who works to stop the last Foundational Stones of Akiyn from being laid on Mount Zaum.


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