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George Pavlich

Sociology Department
University of Alberta
  • 2013 First Semester

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Through quasi-inquisitorial procedures for identifying particular subjects as criminals, law at the Cape circa 1795-1810 fashioned hierarchies of criminals in the name of a particular sovereign’s justice....
This project seeks to open and explore a liminal space for critique between aesthetics and politics. We wish to elaborate and expand the meaning and significance of critique for political and legal discourse....

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Journal Article

George Pavlich. 2013. Sovereign Force and Crime-focused Law at the Cape Colony. Journal of Historical Sociology, 26 (3), 318–338

Journal Article

George Pavlich. 2014. Criminal Justice and Cape Law’s Persons. Social and Legal Studies, 23(1), 55-72

Journal Article

George Pavlich. 2014. Occupied Cape Judges and Colonial Knowledge of Crime, Criminals, and Punishment. Sage Open, 4, 1-11

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