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Roberto Poli

Department of Sociology and Social Research
University of Trento
  • 2014 First Semester
  • 2016 First Semester
  • 2019 First Semester

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An anticipatory behavior is a behavior that ‘uses’ the future in its actual decision process. Anticipation as here understood includes two mandatory components: a forward-looking attitude, and the...
Complexity is possibly the most relevant scientific idea that emerged during the past decades. A question we would like to raise is whether complexity unfolds in degrees (when systems or models are more...
The future is incorporated into all phenomena, conscious or unconscious, physical or ideational, as anticipation, from those forms of anticipation that are observed, for instance, in a tree that loses...

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Book/Book Chapter

Poli, Roberto. 2017. Introduction to Anticipation Studies (Vol. 1). Cham: Springer International Publishing.


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