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Susanne Lundin

Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences
Lund University
  • 2014 First Semester
  • 2015 First Semester
  • 2016 Second Semester
  • 2018 Second Semester
  • 2021 Second Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

The project focuses on falsified medicines – a growing health problem affecting both developed and developing countries. Falsified medicines range from mixtures of toxic substances to ineffective...
Today’s society is facing a series of new challenges. With the aging of populations and growth in diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, demand for transplantation is increasing exponentially. One...

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Journal Article

Lui, Rui, Susanne Lundin, Thumakele Gosa, Elmi Muller, Paul R Khambule and Anja Smith, A. 2020. Medicine Knowledge and Purchasing Behaviour in a South African Township: Lessons Learnt From a Pilot Study on Awareness of Substandard and Falsified Medical Products. Research Square.

Book/Book Chapter

Lundin, Susanne. 2015. Organs for Sale: An Ethnographic Examination of the International Organ Trade. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal Article

Lundin, Susanne, Eva Torkelson, and Marsanna Petersen. 2016. “With This Disease, You Take Whatever Chances There Are”—A Study on Socio-Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Experiments Regarding Huntington’s Disease. Open Journal of Medical Psychology 5(4):72–87.

Book/Book Chapter

Humbracht, Michael, Insoo Hyun, and Susanne Lundin. 2016. Managing Hope and Spiritual Distress: The Centrality of the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Combatting Stem Cell Travel. Pp. 153–68 in Bodily Exchanges, Bioethics and Border Crossing: Perspectives on Giving, Selling and Sharing Bodies, edited by E. Malmqvist and K. Zeiler. Cambridge: Routledge.

Book/Book Chapter

Lundin, Susanne, Charlotte Kroløkke, Michael N Petersen, and Elmi Muller. 2016. Global Bodies in Grey Zones – Heatlh, Hope, Biotechnology. Stellenbosch: African SUN Media.

Book/Book Chapter

Global Bodies in Grey Zones: Health, Hope, Biotechnology
Susanne Lundin, Charlotte Kroløkke, Michael N. Peterson & Elmi Muller (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2016, 197 pp) ISBN: 978‑1‑928357-19-3

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