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George Chaplin

Department of Anthropology
Penn State University
Visiting scholar:
  • 2012 and earlier
  • 2014 First Semester
  • 2016 First Semester
  • 2020 First Semester
  • 2023 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

While at STIAS, I plan to complete a long-standing data analysis of large bodies of archaeological, paleontological, and climatological data in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution...
The STIAS Effects of Race project project will address major gaps in our knowledge on race thinking and racialism. The project is informed by the need for further research and reflection on “race,”...

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Journal Article

Coussens, Anna K, Celeste E Naude, Rene Goliath, George Chaplin, Robert J Wilkinson, and Nina G Jablonski. 2015. High-Dose Vitamin D3 Reduces Deficiency Caused by Low UVB Exposure and Limits HIV-1 Replication in Urban Southern Africans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, no. 19: 1–6. doi:10.1073/pnas.1500909112.

Journal Article

Kelley, Elizabeth A, Nina G Jablonski, George Chaplin, Robert W Sussman, and Jason M Kamilar. 2016. Behavioral Thermoregulation in Lemur Catta: The Significance of Sunning and Huddling Behaviors. American Journal of Primatology 78(7):745–54.

Conference Proceedings

Jablonski, Nina G., Tina Lasisi, Abhimanyu Abhimanyu, Anna K. Coussens, Celeste E. Naude, George Chaplin, Laurel N. Pearson, Rene Goliath, Mark D.Shriver and Robert J. Wilkinson. 2017. Variation in skin reflectance and pigmentation genes in young adults of Xhosa and Cape Mixed ancestry from the Western Cape, South Africa. In 86th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-of-Physical-Anthropologists (AAPA) American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 162(64), 228–228.


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