The Effects of Race

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The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) welcomes proposals for scholarly projects to be undertaken within the framework of a new long-term programme, “Being Human Today:  The Effects of Race.”  Such projects can be from any academic disciplinary base, or draw from serious reflection on experience and arguments for contesting visions for a democratic South Africa. STIAS welcomes innovative and imaginative approaches towards understanding, and suggestions of solutions to the disturbing continuation of race thinking and racism, and of antagonism to fellow human beings.

Potential projects may include but are not limited to those that address the “everydayness of race” in South Africa through understanding widespread misconceptions about visible and cultural human diversity, the linguistic infrastructure of racialism, the complexity of multiple identities, and the extent to which individuals perceive themselves and act as social beings without the divide of race. Other potential projects include investigation of how race thinking enters and affects the lives of children and how non-racialism is being achieved in some cultural and religious institutions.

Projects will be undertaken by scholars holding a doctoral degree or equivalent. Projects of up to three years’ duration beginning in July or August 2014 will be entertained. Suggestions for short projects are also welcome. A one-week stay at STIAS will be required during each project year. Methodological approaches are flexible. Projects will not involve disbursement of cash awards. Funds for development of surveys, project-related travel, etc. will be approved and disbursed by STIAS. Funding possibilities may exist for scholars seeking to supervise a doctoral student under the programme.

Pre-proposals prepared on the downloadable form (click on the link below) will be accepted until 1 December 2013 at . Pre-proposals will be screened by a STIAS committee on the basis of scholarly merit, feasibility, and qualifications of the investigator to complete the proposed project. Notifications, including invitations for full proposals, will be issued on 14 February 2014. Full proposals (described below) will be due on 11 April 2014. Notification of the outcome of review of full proposals will be issued on or before 13 June 2014.

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>> Pre-proposal guidelines and criteria for assessment

>> Full proposal guidelines and criteria for assessment

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